YouTube will take action only if you give five types of videos

YouTube will take action only if you give five types of videos

In a nutshell, videos made to hurt or harm someone cannot be posted on YouTube. YouTube can even block accounts, from showing ads on videos to removing videos. Apart from that, the platform has policies for sharing videos with copyright, there are policies for children, and there is a lot of talk about harmful content in YouTube’s video production guidelines. For those reasons, YouTube can take action against video makers. Here are the five recently discussed YouTube policies.

If you give the wrong information about the vaccine

YouTube will delete the video if you provide incorrect information about any approved vaccine. If the video mentions an approved vaccine that is dangerous or causes autism, cancer, or infertility, the video will be removed. Google, the parent company of YouTube, has said that it has removed 130,000 such videos from 2020 to September 29.

Denying climate change

From now on, YouTube will not allow ads to be shown on videos that deny climate change. “Google has introduced a new monetization policy for advertisers, publishers, and video makers,” YouTube said in a document released online. Under this policy, advertisements will not be shown in videos created by denying the existence of a well-established scientific explanation for the existence and causes of climate change. ‘

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If false information is spread about the election

Voters will not be given any wrong information about the election on YouTube. False claims, such as not being allowed to make a video of someone being declared elected before being elected. Confidential information that conflicts with the democratic process cannot be disclosed nor can it be called to interfere in the democratic process. Especially since the 2016 US election, US tech giants have been trying to be more aware of this.

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Videos made for the purpose of harassment and cyberbullying

Videos made for the purpose of harassment, intimidation, or bullying are prohibited on YouTube. Similarly, it is also prohibited to capture someone’s video or spread anyone’s personal information in the video for the purpose of harming or maliciously without consent. According to YouTube’s policy, minors (usually under 18) should not be subjected to undue shame, humiliation, insults, or deception in the video. Again, no one can be asked to make hateful comments on another video.

Spreading false information about Corona

Contradictory information about Covid-19 with medical information from local health care providers or the World Health Organization is prohibited on YouTube. In particular, the guidelines for corona treatment, prevention, diagnosis, infection, social distance, and quarantine cannot be disregarded. There is no opportunity to question whether Corona is there at all in the YouTube video. On May 20, 2020, YouTube formulated a policy on Covid-19. However, it could be changed at any time, according to local or World Health Organization guidelines.

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