You can watch YouTube without internet!

You can watch YouTube without internet

Many times we go or travel to places where an internet connection is not available. At that time, the phone was the only hope to pass the time, but it is useless without the Internet.

This problem is most common when traveling somewhere. YouTube has its own set of rules. There are a number of restrictions on their content. Such as Accessing, Reproducing, Downloading, Distributing, Displaying, Transmitting, Broadcasting, Selling, Licensing, Altering, Modifying. If users do not follow these rules, the company may terminate their YouTube account.

Premium users of YouTube can also download videos offline. YouTube Premium is Google’s own video platform. Here users can take advantage of it alone for 129 rupees per month, the whole family can take advantage of this for 189 rupees per month. Here you can watch ad-free videos, download videos for offline viewing, watch original series on YouTube, watch premium music.

Let’s not know how to download videos in case of premium!

Step 1- First you have to download the YouTube app on mobile. Then you have to download the video, play the video.

Step 2 – Click on the download icon. It is located at the bottom right of the video player.

Step 3- From there you have to select the video quality of your choice. Here are a few options. The quality of the video you need, you have to choose accordingly.

Step 4 – Then he will start downloading the video. When it is complete, the download icon will be changed and downloaded. That means the video has been downloaded.

Downloaded videos will be in the Library or Account tabs. In this case, if the Internet is not run once every 30 days, then the downloaded video will not be seen.

In some cases, even a few videos cannot be downloaded due to Creator’s ban.

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