Shaomi phone users are accused of sending information to Singapore

Shaomi's phone users are accused of sending information to Singapore

Lithuania’s defense ministry has advised European countries to refrain from buying Chinese smartphones. If anyone has it, they have been asked to throw it away. A government report in the country suggested that the devices already have (built-in) surveillance components.

The Lithuanian state-run cybersecurity agency said on Tuesday that Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corporation’s first-line smartphones marketed in Europe have the ability to identify and modify certain words or phrases. The phrases include ‘Free Tibet’, ‘Long Live Taiwan Independence’ and ‘Democracy Movement’.

According to a report by the news agency Reuters, censorship options in the software of Xiaomi’s Mi 10 FiveG model smartphone have been turned off for the countriUpcoming Xiaomi Phones: 10 of the Hottest Next-Gen Handsetses of the European Union region. However, it can be activated from a distance if desired, according to a report by the National Cyber ​​Security Center of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense.

The report further states that Xiaomi’s phones encrypt user information and send it to a data server in Singapore. The security flaw is also found in Huawei’s P40 FiveG model smartphone. However, the cyber security company did not find any fault in the smartphone of another Chinese company OnePlus.


“Our advice is not to buy a new Chinese smartphone,” Lithuanian Deputy Defense Minister Margiris Abukevicius told reporters. And get rid of the ones that have already been bought as soon as possible. ‘

China was outraged when it announced the name of the Taiwanese embassy in Lithuania as ‘Taiwanese Representative Office’. China said last month it would recall its ambassador to Lithuania. At the same time, the Lithuanian ambassador was asked to withdraw from Beijing.

China claims Taiwan as its territory. To avoid trouble, refer to Taiwan’s embassies in Europe and the United States, not ‘Taiwan’, but ‘Taipei’.

Xiaomi’s system apps, including Internet browsers, can currently censor 449 Chinese words, the report said. “This is important not only for Lithuania but also for all countries that use Xiaomi’s equipment,” it said.
Xiaomi’s denial

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Xiaomi claims that the report of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense is not correct. After the report was released, the company said on Wednesday that it did not censor the information exchanged by its smartphone users.

A spokesman for Xiaomi said in a statement to Reuters that Xiaomi had never done anything to interfere with or prevent customers from doing anything, such as browsing the web, making calls, or using any other communication software. I Will not do anything like this in the future.

Xiaomi has full respect for the legal rights of all users and is protected.

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