China has tied the time of video games, children and teenagers are playing tricks

China has tied the time of video games, children and teenagers are playing tricks

In China, minors can play video games for about three hours a week. The government of the country has tied this time. Meanwhile, Chinese state-run media say that children and teenagers are playing video games by breaking the rules. If you want to prevent addiction, you have to close that gap first.

The news agency Reuters reported that China issued new rules last August. Young people under the age of 18 will be able to spend at least three hours a week playing video games, no more. It was said at the time that the ban was needed to curb video game addiction. Young Chinese gamers, of course, were outraged, and many have expressed it.

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An article in the People’s Daily, a sub-editorial board of the Chinese Communist Party, said on Monday, “Some online trading platforms are in the business of selling and renting out gaming accounts. Users can avoid this supervision by buying or renting accounts, playing games without interruption. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most delusional.

The article goes on to say that strict action has been taken to stop the buying, selling, and renting of gaming accounts for minors, according to some game trading platforms. Gaming organizations must ‘actively play a social role’, ‘be responsible for the healthy growth of the next generation’, and ‘prioritize the healthy development of this sector.

Families and schools have also been urged to create a conducive environment for the ‘healthy growth of minors’. Especially the parents have requested. Because some underage parents are registering for an online game account using their identity. As a result, the time limit set for the game is becoming invalid.

China is the largest market for video games. The country’s government authorities have long been concerned about the addiction to games and the Internet among young people. It even sets up clinics for people with gaming disorders where therapy, as well as military training, is provided.

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